Diamond seeds
Diamond seeds

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Welcome to SEED 4 CVD, a leading manufacturer of high-quality Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamond seeds. Our proprietary technology ensures unparalleled purity and excellence. With a wide range of sizes, shapes, and quality grades, our CVD diamond seeds cater to various industries and applications worldwide.

Enjoy the benefits of diamond’s unique properties – very broad transmission range, extraordinary hardness, and high resistance to thermal shock and thermal lensing.

SEED4CVD employs chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to grow optical diamond in high volume, consistently producing material with low scatter, minimal absorption, and low birefringence in a wide range of cross-sectional sizes and thicknesses.


We go beyond providing products. Discover how our dedicated technical support and consultation services help our customers achieve optimal results, from product selection to application support.

Diamond seeds


Model Number Size (mm) Orientation Thickness (micron)
SC7 7×7 100-110 300-450
SC8 8×8 100-110 300-450
SC9 9×9 100-110 300-450
SC914 9×14 100-110 300-450
SC10 10×10 100-110 400-500
SC15 10×15 100-110 400-500
SC11 11×11 100-110 400-500
SC12 12×12 100-110 400-550
SC120 12×20 100-110 400-550
SC13 13×13 100-110 400-550
SC14 14×14 100-110 400-550
SC15 15×15 100-110 500-600
SC152 15×20 100-110 500-600
SC16 16×16 100-110 500-700
SC17 17×17 100-110 500-700
SC18 18×18 100-110 500-700
SC19 19×19 100-110 500-700
SC20 20×20 100-110 500-700
SC205 20×25 100-110 500-700
SC23 20×30 100-110 500-700
SC25 25×30 100-110 500-700
  • Tolerance of lateral dimensions + 0.2/ 0mm and tolerance of thickness + /-0.05mm.
  • Substrates is polished on both sides with a surface of Ra, 5mm.
  • Orientation of plane 100, with deviation not more than 5 degrees lateral facets orientation 110.
  • Substrates will be colorless without inclusion or other effects.

For Custom Size Please Send Us Your Requirement.


Learn about our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Explore how we reduce our environmental footprint, promote social responsibility, and ensure ethical sourcing throughout our supply chain.
Diamond seeds
Diamond seeds


Since CVD diamonds are made in a lab under extremely controlled conditions, they are flawless. They do not have any imperfections.

Conflict Free

CVD diamonds are devoid of any ethical or ecological issues. These diamonds are guilt-free because they are a comparatively sustainable choice.


One of the prime reasons why CVD diamonds are sought after is affordability. They are 25 to 30 percent cheaper than natural diamonds.